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I am an independent filmmaker who is growing increasingly impatient with what I consider to be a continued perpetuation of social injustice. I use my films to encourage inquiry into what I perceive to be a social inequity that debilitates, undermines and injures the potential of a thriving inclusive society.  I offer conversation and constructive debate with anyone wishing to engage in my endeavour to find alternative narratives that achieves social and economic parity.

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My career in the media began at BBC Radio Nottingham as a researcher, after winning a studentship place at university. I was soon offered broadcast journalist opportunities and later moved into television production. My television career includes working in regional news and current affairs. I produced a weekly consumer affairs segment.


After completing my degree, I moved first to Television Centre, and then to Birmingham, where I worked on BBC1 and BBC2 programmes.


In 2012 I set up Syncopate Media an independent production company and was later awarded funding for my films Many Rivers To Cross' (2013) and Making Waves i(2015). Both spoke of a Black experience in Britain. I have also been commissioned to produce a range of films for BBC Inside Out, BBC Sunday Politics and for CBBC.


My agitation with the perpetual social, racial and gender inequality informs my postgraduate research at Nottingham Trent University which aims to articulate the silencing of women’s voices through a practice-based prism. My research focuses on women engaged in dissenting activities. It spills into my personal life, as I incorporate academic texts into a contemporary reflection of our socio-political present, and deconstruct racist and sexist ideological narratives, attempting to conceive, instead, an alternative ‘language’ that constructs a social philosophy embracing difference and appreciating all.

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